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Kilsa's style of painting is unique and most closely associated with a Picasso—like style of art. Her images are large, sometimes abstract and command attention. Kilsa uses a wonderful palette of colors; she gives attention to complementary colors and uses a range of tints and shades to give a dimensional space to her compositions. Brushstrokes and mixing color on her canvas give movement and liveliness to her painting. Her subject matter is meaningful to her; in many of her paintings, natural phenomena found in her native country are combined with her obvious passion of Brazil.

She often depicts emotional relationships giving color significant symbolism relating to her feelings. All of her paintings are an expression of her life as it unfolds. Kilsa's creative process is one of a meditative quality. Kilsa creates many sketches before her brush touches the canvas. Her technique is focused and deliberate. Usually Kilsa completes a canvas in one sitting. Her signature with an infinity symbol above it designates that the painting is complete.

Professional Experience:
2015-2016 Solo Exhibition — "Driftless Time", Crawford County Gallery, Prairie du Chien, WI
2012 Solo Exhibition — "One Heart", The Driftless Cafe, Viroqua, WI
2011 Show Participant — Public Library, Boscobel, WI
2010 Solo Exhibition — "Carrying Water", Timber Lane Coffee House, Boscobel, WI
2009 Solo Exhibition — "America's", The Carriage House, Boscobel, WI
2009 Show Participant — Driftless Area Art Festival, Anderson Park, Soldiers Grove, WI
2009 Show Participant — Art by the Stream, Boscobel, WI
2008 Show Participant — Driftless Area Art Festival, Anderson Park, Soldiers Grove, WI
2008 Show Participant — "Open House", Pickford St, Madison, WI
2008 Show Participant — "Lyrical Exploration", Health Sciences Center, UW—Madison, WI
2008 Show Participant — Art by the Stream, Boscobel, WI
2008 Solo Exhibition — VIVA Gallery, Viroqua, WI
2007 Show Participant — The Carriage House, Boscobel, WI
2007 Drawing Class with Artist Carole Young, The Carriage House, Boscobel, WI
2006 Solo Exhibition — "Wild Flowers", Cultural Center, Milwaukee, WI
2006 Solo Exhibition — "Always", Steep 'n Brew, Madison, WI
2005 Show Participant — "II Thoughts", Vale Inn Restaurant, Boscobel, WI
2004 Crawford County Artist Directory
2004 ArtsBuild Participant, Continuing Education, UW—Platteville, WI
2004 Showcased Artist — Online Gallery,
2004 Show Participant — The Artist's Eye Gallery, Boscobel, WI
2004 Solo Exhibition — "Sometimes", Capelli Design Studio, Madison, WI
2003 Show participant — "Artists for Peace," Art Beat Gallery, Madison, Wi
2003 Solo exhibition — "One Heart One Self," Art Beat Gallery, Madison, Wi
2002 Show participant — "Solstice Winter Group Exhibition," Green Lantern Studios, Mineral Point, WI
2002 Show participant — "Friends Of Nicaragua," Richland Center, WI
2002 Solo exhibition — Pizzearia Fasciano, Boscobel, WI
2001 Solo exhibition — Java Es Cafe, Madison, WI
2001 — Private studies with artist Thomas Strobel
Solo Exhibition — Public Library, Soldier's Grove, WI
2000 Solo exhibition — Cafe Assisi Coffeehouse, Madison, WI
1992 to 1999 — numerous shows and exhibitions in Brazil.
Kilsa Dremsa

41692 Hwy 60
 Boscobel, WI 53805